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We try to move the event that cannot continue to an alternative date. As soon as there is more news about this, ticket buyers will be informed by email.
If an event is moved and the new date is not yet known, we ask you to keep your tickets anyway. These tickets remain valid for the new date.
If the event cannot be moved to a new date within a year, ticket buyers will be refunded the amount paid.
In this we follow the legal regulation that stated that the event can be moved to a new date, within 13 months after the original date.


If an event has been moved to a different date and you cannot attend the event on the new date, you should send an email to
We will then process your application and will refund the paid amount to the ticket buyer within a certain period. For a canceled event, this will happen within 3 months after the canceled event. If the event is being rescheduled, this will take place within 1 month after the new date of the rescheduled event. See this website for the regulations regarding refunds.
Please note: The deadline for requesting a refund for the Burna Boy shows is 10 March 2022. You can request a refund via

If you bought a ticket for an event that has been cancelled, you will be refunded the amount paid. The amount will only be refunded to the original purchaser of the tickets.

Only personalized tickets are sold. This means that the name, surname and e-mail address of the ticket buyer are printed on the ticket. Only the person named on the ticket is entitled to access the event. A re-personalization of tickets is possible, please contact

It is possible to buy several tickets, but it is necessary that you put the name, surname and e-mail address of the other visitors on the tickets.

We strongly recommend that you only purchase tickets through our official ticket sales channels, as we cannot guarantee the authenticity of tickets purchased from unofficial resellers. The official ticket sales channel for the Netherlands is and for France Ticketmaster. Buying tickets from a third party is therefore at your own risk. 

Yes, this is possible if the event is not sold out and there are still tickets available on the evening of the event.

First of all, check your spam mail

Tickets via

If you bought your tickets through, please contact

Tickets via Ticketmaster

When ordering tickets via Ticketmaster you were required to create an account. When you log in to your Ticketmaster account, you can find all the orders you have placed. If you do not find any tickets here either and you’ve already paid for the tickets, it is best to contact the Ticketmaster customer service.

If you have bought your tickets from a third party, you will have to contact the company where you have bought your tickets.

No, it is not possible to cancel tickets that are already purchased. Once the tickets are sold, they are immediately and irreversibly removed from our booking system and can no longer be inserted into the system. Therefore, the tickets cannot be resold through our system.

Yes, this is possible. Make sure that there are no cracks in your screen and you set your screen brightness high.

An early access ticket means that you can enter the venue earlier than people with regular tickets. By using early access tickets you will be able to experience the show with the best views.

Golden Circle tickets are offered at some events. The Golden Circle is a separate section in front of the audience against the stage.

Support acts will be announced if possible. Please note that this is not always the case. It is also possible that already announced support acts will change.

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